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We are raising Purebred Registered Nubian and Lamancha goats that are show quality from championship bloodlines that are popular with purebred breeders.
Our goats are priced at every day prices making them also popular with family mikers and for cross breeding with Boar, Spanish, etc goats. They are Good Milkers, Good Mothers and Good Natured.
Lester and Barbara Galbreath
409 Gregg St
Albany Texas 76430-3137
Herd Name - LR Fancy Ears
The entire herd is CAE negative and all Animals 6 months old or older or tested annually. All Nubians have been tested normal for G6S. The herd is CL free, is wormed regularly and given Copper Boluses. The Lastest test results are available on the test results page 
 Galbreath Dairy Goats