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Cell Phone 325/762-4148

409 Gregg St.
Albany Texas 76430
The entire herd is CAE negative and all Animals 6 months old or older or tested annually. All the Nubians have been tested normal for G6S. The herd is CL free, is wormed regularly, CDT vaccinated annually and given Copper Boluses. The Lastest test results are available on the test results page
Purebred Nubian Buck 
Registeration Number - N1716320
Date of Birth  3/6/2015
LR Fancy Ears Cherokee Moon
Cherokee Moon Scored 90 Linear Appraisal, is very colorful and has been successful in the show ring including Champion junior Nubian Buck at the Big Buck Bonanza Show. His sire and dam have done very well in the show ring and both have produced champions and reserve champions. He has an outstanding pedigree made up of over 80% of 4 outstanding bloodlines - 43.75% Kastdemur's, 18.75 Wildwood, 12.5% Easy-Stream and 6.25% Lakeshore Farms
LR Fancy Ears Dance With Me
Purebred Nubian Buck 
Registeration Number - N1715806
Date of Birth  3/2/2015
​ Dance With Me Scored 90 Linear Appraisal, has been shown four times in very competitive classes and stood in the top 3 including champion junior buck. Eight of the goats in the first three generations of his pedigree, including his sire and dam, have had good success in the show ring and there are 11 permanent champions and multi- superior genetic awards in his immediate pedigree. He is the product of three highly successful and productive breeding programs - 18% Kastdemur, 50% G Bar Acres and 25% K-J Martin.
Lester and Barbara Galbreath
409 Gregg St
Albany Texas 76430-3137


Herd Name - LR Fancy Ears
Purebred  LaMancha Buck 
Registeration Number L15664024
Date of Birth 3/9/2011
South-Fork JS Jocab
*B South Fork JS Jocab has been awarded a Milk Star and is a 4 time champion yearling Lamancha buck. He has produced champion and reserve champion offspring. He is from championship bloodlines with 15 permanent champions, 18 superior genetic awards and 31 milking stars in his immediate pedigree.
His pedigree is 25% Kastdemur's, 37.5% South-Fork and 12.5% Little Orchard.
L&S Kikibar Judah
Prairia Nights Ticked Pink "Popcorn"
G Bar Acres RJ Canaan
Threesfelds Lil Southern Belle
Little Orchard C Justice
SGCH South-Fork Sweet Breeze
LR Fancy Ears Boomer
Boomer is from the championship bloodlines of the exceptional breeding programs of South-Fork, Little Orchard, and G Bar Acres. His sire has received a Milk Star and is a 4 time champion yearlying LaMancha buck. Boomer has 10 permnant champions and 9 superior genetics awards in his immediate pedigree.
Purebred  LaMancha Buck 
Registeration Number L2026381
Date of Birth 4/6/2019
CH Dream-Fire Watch Everybody
Purebred  LaMancha Buck 
Registeration Number L1678673
Date of Birth 1-30-2014
Watch is a permanent Champion with a show record that includes; 3 times Grand Champion, once Grand Champion specialty show, 2 times Reserve Grand Champion, 3 times Brest of Breed, once Best of Breed specialty show, and once Best in Show.
He is the product of two renowned breeding programs being 50% Kastdemur's and 50% Dream-Fire
Sire: GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself ++*B91 EEE
​SS: GCH Elm*Glen Brazil ++*B 88 +EE
​SD: GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M 93 EEEE

​Dam: Dream-fire VH X-Storm 89 VEEE
​DS: Dream-fire SS Van Helsing
​DD: Dream-fire SS Tempest​​
South-Fork JS Jocab
LR Fancy Ears Minnie May